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Is this a good situation to bluff the river with a busted 8 outer?

  • bonedango (San Diego)

2-5 nlh

Hero with $800 on bb with 10 J diamonds

Villain in hj with $500

Villain is young aggressive player. Hero has only played with villain for an hour but has seen Villain play a lot of hands and a wide range of starting cards.

Folded to Villain who raises to $20.

Hero three bets to $55. Villain calls and comments that he is getting tired of hero three betting him. $107 in pot after rake

flop is 8 2 5 rainbow with no diamonds. Hero C bets $65. Villain calls. $242 in pot

turn is a 9 giving hero the open ended straight draw. Having made the 8 outer Hero continues and bets $150. Villain tank calls. $542 in pot.

River is a 6.

Villain has put $260 into the post and has $240 behind.

Is this a good spot for hero to bluff/shove on the busted 8 outer?

Any thoughts on the hand?

P.S. Given the stack size, if I am going to bet the turn, it should have been a shove. Should I have shoved the turn with this draw? But as played, I am also interested in knowing your thoughts on whether i should have shoved the river.

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