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Is this a possible alternative turn strategy?

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

I like the Turn second bullet strategy very much. However I would like to discuss the possible merits of an alternate strategy when we have top pair or overpair on the turn. In this case I think it would be preferable to check the turn for the following reasons

1) I creates pot control when we have a valuable small pot hand

2) we avoid generating a big big pot when villain is trapping or that turn Ace gave us top pair good kicker and gave him Aces up

3) We induce river bluffs that we can easily call.

4) We can make more money when it is checked to us on the river and the river bet gets called by middle pair because the check turn gave him confidence. He would have probably folded to the turn bullet.

I would still 2nd bullet All the missed flops with scare cards, Turn Draws, and turn 2 pair or better. This should polarize our range enough that our opponents floating still cannot be profitable.

I am looking forward to hearing what you think.

Also I haven't figured out how this should be altered by stack size. Please comment on that

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