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Is this an acceptable alternative line of betting with AK?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

This is a recent hand I played, where I implemented an alternative betting line based on Episode 67 concepts. I am not sure if it applies to cash games, but I will describe my thought process and hope to get some feedback.


Hero in MP3 with 200BB

Villain in MP2 with 130BB

MP2 opens to 3BB

Hero in MP3 3bets to 9BB with AcKs

folds to MP2 who calls...

Pot: 19.5BB


Ac 5h 2h

MP2 checks


My default play here is to bet the flop 100% of the time

In 3bet pots with MP players, at this venue, I find that 3bet calling ranges are 22-QQ, ABC (Any Broadway Cards), 78s+

Also, MP 3bets have, and are perceived as AT+, 99+ typically.

I decide to implement a check/call strategy, is this never profitable? Or profitable, but not in this situation.

In the EP67, Hero is the preflop caller, and holds AQ, not AK.

Also, this is an online Zone environment where play is anonymous...

Hero checks behind...



MP2 checks

Hero bets 10BB, under representing my hand and betting for value, and to get two streets of betting in with TP/TK

MP2 min raises to 20BB

Hero calls

I have underrepresented my hand, and my hand is ahead of MP2's range at this point.

Pot: 29.5BB



MP2 checks


My plan was to bet for value here, but since turn was raised I decide to check.

Am I getting too creative here, should I simply stick to default game plan and bet flop and not vary?


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