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kq off, too weak to 3 bet?

  • Tim (Boca Raton, Fl)

player to my right has awkward stack; and opens 3 bigs. I thought my kq off was ahead of his range as he opened pretty loose before; so I 3 bet 7 bigs. The linear chart for 3 betting though is 77 plus; ak aq; so was I too weak to 3 bet this hand with kq off against a loose opener from middle position?

The button calls my 3 bet. I thought his call was capped range from the really big hands,or he would have 4 bet. Was this thinking wrong? Was he also thinking of trapping the awkward size player's potential shove.

When the awkward stack 4 bets all in; I was thinking that if I play this I should isolate the capped button; that the awkward stacks shove was expected; so I push all in thinking tht the button who did not reraise me would not want to call my reshove? Was this wrong thinking?

The button calls my all in with AK suited. The awkward stack had 10 10.


ty. Tim

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