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Limping with small pocket pairs.

  • GeorgeLukas (Columbus)

I feel like I'm regularly losing chips when I raise being first one into the pot with small or medium pocket pairs from early position. It seems that I am either getting reraised pre flop and have to fold or the hands that call me rarely fold to my cbet on the flop. I attribute this to the likelihood that a person calling a raise preflop from early position has a pretty strong hand and is not willing to let it go to the expected cbet on the flop.

My question is, what about a strategy of simply limping from early position with the small and medium pocket pairs with the intention of calling any raise using the preflop calling guidelines for a spec hand. I realize I lose the preflop aggression and the cbet move with this line but it seems I am gaining some info about what kind of hands I am up against. I really want to be up against big pair hands when I hit my set and I will have a good idea if I am up against those type of hands if I allow my opponents to raise first.

Thanks for your input.

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