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Lost Big Pot with TPTK

  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)

Nick and Eric this feature is great. I played this hand terrible, I should have checked the turn per the one pair betting lines. If I had, in your opinion what would have been a reasonable bet amount to call on the river? I have been playing live poker for 16 months with no prior experience. Your site has helped me tremendously. One rule I made up for myself through the experience of playing is not to call opponent check raises, re-raises, or all-ins with TPTK hands, as it seems players at 1/2 dont bluff enough to warrant calling. I certainly broke my rules here. This was literally the FIRST hand villian played so I guess I couldn't believe he had me beat. At a typical session I seem to play 99% of hands well but have one hand were I go brain dead. All comments would be most appreciated.


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NL Cash (1/2)

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