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Lost my stack WPT Deepstack

  • Jeff C (Wilmington NC)

WPT  Deepstack Seminole $1100

I played this tournament this weekend and using the 3 bet and BB defend strategies continued to build my stack all day  This hand happened late in level 14 50 minutes from the end of day

Playing with the small blind for about 5 hours and picked up on his betting pattern of over bets when not having a made hand to try and push you off a hand. He would just call if he had a big hand. His hand was in my mind capped with no big pairs but many A,x k,x and medium pairs. When I three bet the idea was if he called I was beat, if he raised I was ahead and if he folded he just had nothing. He thought for a minute and shoved all in and I called. He turned over A,K suited  The hand played out just as planned.  I put him on the correct range and actually got him to make the all in bet  my other play would of been to shove a 40 BB stack

My question is if I made a mistake of getting my stack in when I was at worst 53% if my read of his hand range is correct.  If my hand would of held I would be in great position to start day 2.



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