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Made a 3bet move and flopped the nuts IP. How do I maximize my equity in a tourney?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

10 handed



Folds to HJ

HJ open 1500 with 17k behind

Hero in CO with KhJh

Hero 3bets to 3500 with 25k behind

Folded around to HJ

HJ calls (this is my 2nd 3bet of HJ in last 30 minutes)

Pot: 8650

SPR: 1.5



HJ bets 3100

Hero ?

I debate whether to raise or call.

Since I am in position and HJ caught me 3betting light recently (checked to river and I mucked)

...and I have the nuts with a rainbow board...I decide to call and evaluate the turn...if turn is 22-77 I will consider check/call on turn as well but otherwise will bet/raise on turn



HJ bet 3500 with 7k behind

I decide to move all in since board has paired...

Hero all in

Your thoughts?

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