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My bet with limpers in front

  • joehutch45 (Fort Worth)

I can't find any rules on this type of hand which seems to come up a lot more often than the hands which you have prepared excellent charts.   I haven't found any direction in any of the videos so please help me understand

When it gets to me preflop there are 3 limpers in front.  I can't limp in because it's not a speculative hand.  I can't raise based on the hands provided in the charts because those are only hands I can raise with if it is folded to me.

Or even better, what if I hold KQ suited?  I can just call since it's a speculative hand and a multiway but then I'm standing around hoping I hit something  2 pair or better or 8 outs or more.  I have no aggression which would help win a K high flop.  According to the charts provided KQ suited is only a raising hand if all fold to me.  Nothing giving guidance if the hands are limped to me.

What about A10 off?  Or KJ off?

Or any of the pairs?  You only give advice for when you can limp, when you can raise if all fold to you or when you can raise when there is a raise to you.  It certainly limps to me A LOT more often than any of those previous situations.

If I am missing something specific on one of the videos please advise which one so I can watch it again.

Love your advice and over the last year I have gone from being -$1,500 to being +$4000 since I started following the "rules".  I just need to better understand the "limp to me" rules.


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