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Not sure about the flop Cbet and whether to 3bet or call the flop raise

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

The preflop open to 2.5bb is a standard open for this online game, and is usually effective at thinning the field. This time however I get 3 callers.

Two questions about this hand:

1) Flop C-bet and sizing: Should I be cbetting here? I have 2pair, and I think most of my range checks here, but this hand should likely bet for value, and protection. I go with a larger sizing. Your thoughts

2) Facing a flop raise. Should I call, or rip it in here? The board is draw heavy which leads me to believe I should 3bet all in to get all the draws and combo pair draws I am ahead of to call. But maybe with this coordinated a board facing a flop raise into 2 opponents to act a call is a better line.



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