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Opponet all in after flop

  • joehutch45 (Fort Worth)

When I saw QQ with a $7 raise I thought my hand was in the top 50% of the opponent hand range so I was considering raising $21.  After first call, thinking raise $28.  After 3rd call, thinking raise $35.  I actually like all the action since I have a made hand and the others possibly have each others outs.  Then MP2 re-raises to $21.  Because of his raise, my options are raise or fold according to our criteria.  Given that I have position, is the raise to $75 correct or should it be a fold?  Prior to calling MP3 states "I hate being in a hand with you.  You are my nemesis.  But I know you like to raise me.  So, reluctantly I am going to call.  I tell you in advance that I am calling with KQ".  The player has announced his hand on multiple prior hands and has always shown his cards.  In every instance he turns over what he says he had.  When a King hits the board he goes ALL IN.  What is my play?  Call or Fold?  Or should I have not been in the hand in the first place.

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