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Playing against a reshove stack size?

  • Tim (Boca Raton, Fl)

Tournament, Say you have AQ off with 50 plus bigs in my stack; and in the BB; antes in play; and there is a  standard raise of 2.5 bigs from a middle position player with 25-30 BB; every one folds to you so its only 1 oppoinent; if it was multi player I would 3 bet; if it was a raiser with a deeper stack I would 3 bet; if they had a reshove stack of 10-20 bb then I 3 bet and call the reshove; but against say 30 reshove stack size player single opponent does it make sense to perhaps call instead of 3 betting to avoid the potential bigger stack reshove, and or to disquise your hand strength pre flop? Would the answer be any different if you held AJ off or AK off; Thanks, Tim

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