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Pocket Queens facing a C-Bet raise

  • mcleary10902 (Carmel Indiana)

Playing in a $1/$3 cash game over the weekend. Most of the stacks between 75 to 100 BB.

In the hand MP1, CO and SB open limp. I’ve been dealt Pocket Queens in the BB and raise to $20. MP1 calls and everyone else folds.

Flop comes 3,6,7 rainbow. I C-bet $20 and the MP1 player raises to $45. At this point, I have about $250 behind and MP1 has about $200 behind.

With MP1 just calling my initial raise I thought that might skew them towards maybe mid pocket pairs (8’s though 10’s) or like AJ, AK offsuit maybe AQ off but very unlikely given I’m holding Queens or sometimes pocket Jacks and of course some of the time pocket 3’s, 6’s or 7’s or some off chance they flat called with 4/5 suited.

Initially, it was such a dry and odd flop for a re-raise I started to talk myself into seeing monsters but then I remembered not to see monsters under the bed and because it was so dry raising my C bet would be an odd line if they did flop a set as my range would be narrow by default and they would want to keep me in the hand.

Regardless, I felt like my pocket Queens were likely well ahead of MP1’s range and and if I re-raise a reasonable amount it starts to get around 50% of my stack so I re-shoved all in.

After my shove, my opponent went into the tank for a bit and then called. Board ran out with all under cards and I turned over my Queens and he mucked without showing as this particular place I was playing did not require players to turn cards over until the end.

Independent of outcome, I’m just curious to see if my thought process was good under these conditions facing a C bet re-raise with a big one pair hand against a single opponent.

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