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Polarized 3-betting pre flop

  • Anxious (Jupiter)

My question is about 3-betting a polarized range pre flop. Last week I was in a multi-day tournament there was about 50 people left out of 750 starting people. I had about 33 big blinds. Average was about 38 bigs and a guy with about 52 bigs raised from the hijack seat to about 2.8 bigs. Action folded to me in the big blind with 76 suited in hearts. I put in a 3-bet to about 8 bigs which was almost a quarter of my remaining stack hoping he would fold or if he called that I would connect with the flop. My move didn't work, my single opponent in the hijack jammed all in with aces. But my question is what factors should I consider when 3-betting a polarized range? Would this work better in this position with a weak ace? Should I have considered a flat call here with 76 suited even though it was not a multi way pot? Is 3-betting a polarized range a more profitable strategy when I have more
chips than my opponent or at least more than the tournament average? Or was this a good move it just so happened that my opponent had a monster this particular time? Or maybe this would work more often if my opponent was in the cutoff or on the button instead of the hijack? Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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