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Polarized reshove?

  • Anxious (Jupiter)

In Chris Wallace third episode at the end he puts up a chart with a green background saying that we can execute a reshove with a wider range against a late position opener. The chart says we can reshove with between 12 and 19bb with A9off+ J10off+ 35suited+ 66+ which to me seems like it could be polarized compared to hands I believe to be ahead of my opponents range which are AJoff+ AJsuited+ 66+ so my hand in this situation was A10suited which is in between those two ranges. My question is - Is this a profitable reshove? Further more 1) I know in this case my opponent was just near the top of his range. 2) there was no small blind player so normally if a cutoff opens here, with 3 to act after pre flop, he is assuming only one opponent can possibly have position on him post flop vs this hijack open range has the same amount (3) to act after preflop but 2 of them could have position on him post flop, does this narrow his pre flop opening range? And finally 3) I had over 20 bb but less than 21 bb as opposed to the Sweet-spot of 12-19 bb so does this factor in to tip my decision. Thanks!

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