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Q: Did I play KK incorrectly?

  • Duke2066 (Staunton, VA)

I was in a $2/5 ten seat cash game UTG (Early Pos 1) Dealt the two

Black kings. I have $1400 in chips. Player Early Position 2 has $450 and Middle

Position 1 has $550.

I lead out with $25, which has been enough to thin to one or two players. Calls from EP2 and MP1

And two others.

Flop 9c8s3s. Pot is $125. I bet $80. Calls from EP2 and MP1. Others fold.

Turn is 2h. I am concerned that my Kings may not be ahead. I check. EP2 shoves and MP1 shoves.

I only have $105 in the pot. Pot odds for me to call are obviously very good, but I have only one pair.

Ultimately, I muck. EP2 and MP1 show QQ (both of them).

Did I play this hand incorrectly?


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