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Q9 suited UTG

  • jrporras (panama)

This is somewhat of a follow up from my earlier question about playing spec hands early on. However in this case im focusing on "limp calling or limp first in with spec hands". 1/2 game soft table mostly limpers/callers seeing flop. I get dealt Q9d suited UTG and decide to limp in. 5 callers see a 3 diamond flop w diamond ace included. Its checked to me and I check as well. Guy on my left raises to $10 get a couple of callers then an MP player raises to $70. Everyone after folds up to me and I go all in $160. This was a table where even though it was $1/2 the max buy in was $200(gulfstream park - dont like that buy in limit). Guys to my left calls me....original raiser goes ALL IN for an additional $190 - guy to my left calls. (Side pot).

Now original raiser shows j9 suited diamonds, i show my high Q flush and the crazy guy to my left shows his Kd off suit draw. Turn Qh, River 6d. Crowd goes wild. I get stumped by a 10% chance of winning draw after the turn.

Shoud I have avoided this situation alltogether? - please also see my comment below! Thanks

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