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Raising Spec Hands on Button with Limpers in Front

  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)

Is raising limpers on the button with a spec hand in lieu of calling a +EV play? I feel I have a really good grasp on the calling criteria and when to deviate such as with pp against UTG, etc.   This example is just for limped pots, if there was a raise in front I would certainly default to calling criteria. My reasoning for wanting to default to raising is.  

1. limped pots seems anything could happen.

2. With a quality spec hand I would rather play a larger pot and put opponents to more meaningful decisions.

This would disguise my hand. My standard open raise is 5BB so I am trying to disguise my spec hand and make me harder to play against post flop.

4. If call and get four + opponents I am not going to have a lot of confidence in a flush, two pair, or the low end of a straight. I would feel better playing against fewer opponents.

5. If I had a premium off suit hand here I would raise 5BB +1BB minimum for every limper. With the spec hand as shown I am only raising to 5BB and not accounting for the limpers. Is this a obvious betting pattern tell? I feel limp call is more obvious in that I cant represent premium cards as well.

6. I would only do this on the button or when I am assured my 5BB raise would get me position.

7. Three betting is rare.

Thanks for all your input.

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