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React to a 4 bet

  • Navid (pelotas)

8 handed table with ante

Hero SB holding AQo 65BB.

Player on the CO with 40BB opens to 2.5BB, hero 3bets 7.5BB, CO 4bets to 17BB.

What should hero do?

I have a doubt about calling. If we put the opponent on a range like JJ+, AQ+ we are going to have 31% of chance.

There is 28BB in the pot and we have 9.5BB to call. 9.5:28 so if hero is good more than 25% calling would be profitable.

My doubt is, this kind of calculation is applied only to post flop calling situations or we can use it preflop too?

I know that opponent is already almost pot committed and post flop, he is going to get all in easily.

I would also like to know what would be the best play if both players were deep stacked.

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