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Right play or not ? Too aggressive ???

  • Mike (Hollywood,FL)

Folded to me in mp1, I raised and got 3 callers. Having big draw and second pair I bet the flop, when mp2 went all in I felt he would do that with any Ace hand, And a bluff because he was  all in 2 times in last 10 prior hands with his 25 big blind hand. Cutoff also was aggressive preflop, surprised he called here in position but postflop with J blocker in my hand felt he also had The ace, with a better kicker then mp2. I called his all in with 9 outs to flush, 2 more jacks and 3 tens for 14 outs postflop. Did not count the three tens in case they hit 2 pair so figured I had 11 outs, 44 percent post flop, 100,000 in pot, 50,000 to call so total pot 150,000, getting 3 to 1 odds, only need  more then 25 percent equity I called. do you agree with my play. Thank you

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