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River Decision

  • TJMurphy5 (Spencer, IA)

Online S&G, final 6 players, 4 get paid. I make most of my raises 3x in this game because opponents in a nutshell are terrible and don't make correct folds (I see limp, call 4x, 5x all day in this S&G league I'm in!). Also here ICM considerations is another reason I go 3x. Do you like my sizing on the flop and check on the turn? Thought it was a great way to represent a King and/or go for pot control in case he had one. On the river after he checks a 3rd time, do you ever go for a shove in this spot and put immense pressure on the BB player? I was very close to doing it, but thought better of it because while I didn't put my opponent on a King, I thought a Jack was very much in his range and I thought very seldom is he folding this river. Would a smaller bet show more of a profit on the river? Wouldn't think so as it's probably getting called every time. Your thoughts, thanks! 

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