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River Decision

  • mysteryplayer (NY, NY)

$1/$2 Full Ring Live Cash Game

Hero CO with 10sJs $225 behind

Villain SB with $100 behind

1 limper then folds to hero who raises $15. SB calls, limper folds.

Flop: A 10 7 (rainbow)

Hero c-bets $20, Villain calls

Turn: 6 (don’t remember suit)


River: 2 (don’t remember suit but no flush draw present)

Villain pushes all-in for $65

Hero knows villain and visa versa. Villain plays a wide hand range from all positions and can be ‘sticky’ and aggressive. He is definitely capable of bluffing multiple streets.

Therefore, my first instinct was to call but I'm trying to slow down and think before acting, and I remembered the 1 street of value default rule for 2nd pair type hands so I folded. Was folding correct? Should the pot odds have been taken into consideration? I was getting ~2-1 so needed 33% equity. Now, looking at poker cruncher, with a variety of hand ranges, I had well over 33%. So part 2 of my question is do pot odds over rule default betting lines or visa versa? Or ‘it depends’ on xyz…?

Thank you and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

PS - this is definitely a weakness/leak in my game - not knowing how to play a pair that is not top pair. I usually fold to aggression...

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