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Should Hero Call For Another $56 After Very Bad Flop

  • bonedango (San Diego)

7 handed 2/3 nlh game. All of the larger stacks have recently left the table.

V1 in Mp 1 with $190 raises to 12

V2 on hj with $110 raises to $27.

V3 on Button with $176 calls.

Hero with $380 on bb has Jh Jc.

Question 1 - Based upon effective stack size, hero must rule out calling. Should hero raise to something like $120 or should hero shove because the normal raise would represent more than 1/3 of the effective stack?

Assume hero raises to $120. V1 and V2 fold. V3 calls.

Horrible flop of Ac Kc 5h.

Before hero acts, V3 says "all in." After it is pointed out that hero is first to act, hero checks. Villain then moves all in for $56. There is $279 in the pot after rake. Hero believes he is likely far behind and that a very large part of villain's range includes A or K. It occurs to hero that if V3 had AK he likely would have shoved his last $56 pre flop. Hero does not know V3 and does not know if the out of turn "all in" declaration was an angle shot. Some part of V3's range includes pocket pairs lower than JJ.

Should hero call?

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