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Should Hero have called with the speculative hand?

  • bonedango (San Diego)

2/3 nlh. 9 handed

Hero in hijack with $330

Villain 1 in sb with $300

Villain 2 on bb with $240

Villain 3 mp1 $260

Villain 3 min raises to $6

Hero has 6h 8h

I know that the rule is that we do not call raises with a speculative hand against only one opponent and that we should not assume that the small blind or big blind will come along and make it a muli-way pot. In this case, with 2/3 stakes, it seems almost certain that either or both the sb or bb will play the hand. Should Hero make the call and call this min raised hand speculatively given how likely it is that sb and or bb will come along?

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