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Should Hero Shove Or Fold With AQs

  • bonedango (San Diego)

Very lively 2/3 nlh game that hero has played in for about an hours. It is approximately 8:00 A.M. and most villains have played all night.

Hero UTG+1 $450

V1 mp1 $350

V2 mp2 $600

V3 hijack $500

V4 button $75

V5 bb $700

Hero raises to $17 with AQs.

V1, V2, and V3

V4 is very tired and his stack has fluctuated greatly over the last hour. He has repeatedly said he needs to leave soon to pick up his kids. He has played a very wide range of starting hands both as a raiser and a caller.

V4 shoves.

V5 calls.

V5 is a 55ish year old woman who is unknown to hero. V5 has made some unusually light three bets and then triple barreled with third pair. V5 seems to overvalue hands such as A9, or A10

$213 in the pot after drop.

Hero puts V4 on a very wide range of hands the include any Ace, any pair, any two broadway cards, and even 89s or 9 10s.

Hero believes that V5 would not call $75 with 4 players left to act if V5 had AA KK QQ or AK. Hero includes many small pairs in her calling range and possibly hands such as KQ.

If hero raises, it must be a shove given the amount of the V4 shove and the earlier calls of the $17 raise. Hero believes he is well ahead of V4's range and also ahead of V5's. Do you agree?

Should hero fold? Should hero shove?

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