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Should Hero Shove

  • bonedango (San Diego)

$240 good one day tournament. 185 players 75 remain. 18 paid. Villain 1 in hijack is a 70ish year old guy from Italy who is well known to hero. V 1 opens a relatively narrow range but also does not want to get it in pre without a very top hand. definitely capable to laying down AK AQ and all but the best pairs. Blinds 800 1600 200. v1 has 40k. v2 is unknown to hero. v2 is on the button with 45k. hero is on bb with 34k. folds to V1 who raises to 3500 v2 calls 3500. folds to hero who looks down at QK off. Hero estimates V1’s opening range as approximately 99 or better or AJ or better. Hero believes that if hero shoves that with V2 left to act thatV1 will fold all but QQ or better. Should hero Fold or shove?

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