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Should I avoid changing stakes within a single session?

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

Along the same lines of discipline as avoiding playing cash and tournaments in the same day, should I avoid changing stakes within a single session? For example, say that I am properly bankrolled for $5/$10 and I head to the casino for a planned eight hour session but I find that there are no $5/$10 tables going when I arrive nor are there likely to be any at any time soon. So, I sit at a $2/$5 table and a couple of hours later a $5/$10 table does open. Removing any table strength factors as well as any specific reasons to leave the $2/$5 table that I am playing (e.g., the game is playing perfectly fine and it is reasonably profitable), would I ever move to the $5/$10 or just stick with the $2/$5 since that is what I started with and have been playing for a couple of hours? Should my plan be to stick with one stakes for my full session and avoid changing or going back and forth at all? Appreciate any thoughts :-)

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