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Should I bluff shove with monster draws and air when options are limited?

  • Gil T (Kingston, NY)

This mainly applies to Tournament play but it may be good for cash games as well.

I recently played in a tournament where I found myself bluff shoving several times as I thought my options would be limited to win the pot and the pots were significant.  I got folds on all three occasions in this tournament and made it to the final four where we chopped.

As a few examples that happened:

One I had about 200K in chips and was tied for the table lead with the guy directly to my right. I had 9 10 suited and called a raise from villain of 15K when stakes were 3K/6K with 500 ante.  HE seemed to be the guy that tries to push everyone out.  The flop came two hearts with a Jack and gave me a flush draw with back door str8 draw.  He bet 25K into me and I called on the flop. The turn was the Queen clubs giving me a monster draw for flush and str8. Villain checked and I went all-in and he snap folded.  Is this a good move in a tournament and/or cash game?

Second example is we were at the final table and the blinds were 5K/10K with 1K ante and I had about $200K in my stack. My opponent was to my left and had about $250K.  I had A5 suited and raised to $25K and he was the only caller with pocket 9s.  The flop came Q J 3 with none of my suit. I took the lead and jammed on the flop and he snap folded his 9s. My table image was conservative and had the goods and he said you must have had AQ or QJ as I knew you had overcards. Is this a good move in a tournament or cash game?

Thanks for feedback.  

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