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Should I call a preflop all in bet

  • mcleary10902 (Carmel Indiana)

I was playing in a deep-stack tournament and was dealt 8c8s under the gun. At that time, small blinds and big blinds were $300 and $600 respectively. I had about 28 big blinds (or about $17,000 in chips) and made it $2,400 or 4 big blinds to go. Action folded around to the button who shoved "all in" for a little over $10,000 or about 17 big blinds. The small blind and big blind both folded so it was back on me to make a decision. One other item of note, it was the last hand before a break at which time you could still re-buy back into the tournament. Given the position of my opponent, the size of the bet ( A good re-shove size), the timing of the bet, and the fact I might have fold equity, I would like to know if you think me making the call was too aggressive or just about right?

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