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Should I call a short stack shove with TP/WK?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

9 handed


Hero in CO with 15k


Limp from HJ with 12k

Hero in CO limps with Ac5c and 15k

Button limps with 4.6k

SB folds

Bb checks with 8k

Pot: 2250



BB checks (fit post flop)

HJ checks (ABC player)

Hero checks

Check to Button who moves all in 4250

All others fold

Back to hero?

The pot now has 6500 and hero needs to call 4250 or ~1.5:1 pot odds

Does hero have 40% equity

Buttons range: 22-JJ, A2-AQ

I think button slow plays 9x hands but a % of time this player shoves with 9x

I have top pair and would chop a % of run outs if button has A2-A8

And hero has a backdoor flush and is guaranteed no more action

Hero calls

Your thoughts

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