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Should I call from the BB due to opportunity cost?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

10 handed tournament
300 left out of 775

Folds to Button who raises to 5k with 80k behind

Button is table chip leader and has been opening first in late fairly wide

SB calls with 21k behind

SB is new to the table

Neither player has been overly aggressive post flop, and most hands are being taken with a single aggressive act on the flop or turn.

Hero calls with 3c4s with 35k

I call due to:

5:1 pot odds

Closing action

Opportunity cost opponents are playing fairly transparent post flop and I will fold unless I flop a big hand or draw.
The SB has offered Hero some protection, as the Button will play a bit more conservatively against two opponents.

Pot: 18k



Checks around



Sb bets 4500


This is a question of calling versus raising versus shoving

What would you do by default and what would be your considerations to take the other options on lines

And overall your thoughts on the call?

When would you call from the BB here

When would you not?

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