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Should I call here?

  • joehutch45 (Fort Worth)

Prior to this hand, I had seen MP1 call on the flop with a middle or high pair when an A hit the flop.  Every time he did this, his opponent either had a weak A or missed the flop completely but ended up catching something on the turn or River.  After each of these hands, he would analyze his play out loud and say he should have attempted to shove, a shot that was his best play to take down the pot.  

Prior to him shoving in this hand, he took an extremely long amount of time to make his move.  I read him as possibly (but not likely) having flopped a set or two pair; however, I don’t think it takes him that long to make that move if he hit either of those hands. Therefore, I incorrectly read his range as either a weaker ace or a pocket pair, and this was his attempt to either bluff me off of my Ace or get me to fold if I missed the flop.  I called and he had two pair. Was this a bad read on my part?  Should I have just folded and waited for a better spot against an opponent with a smaller stack that doesn’t hurt me as much?

Thank you! 

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