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Should I check or bet my 12 out draw on the turn here?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

8 handed


EP1 limped with $1500 behind

Folded to hero

Hero raised AdQd from MP1 to $30 with $1100 behind

Mp2 called with $300 behind

Button called with $500 behind

EP1 called

Pot: $125

4 to the flop


2c 3d 5d

EP1 checks

Hero bets $100

Folds back to EP1 who calls

EP1 has limp called two premium hands in last hour, QQ from early position and AK from the BB...

Pot: $325



Bb checked

The default line is fire second bullet, but based on this player, I think my fold equity is low, and he will call turn bet and stick around with any pair+draw or better...

His flop calling range is any pair, any draw, overpairs, two pair or better, combo draws...

I feel a bet here will likely require a 3rd barrel on the river and I started hand just over 200bb deep...

I'm indecisive here...


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