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Should I ever fold on the river when there is a big pot

  • TJ (Rhode Island)

Blinds 1/2

Hero Cut Off ($375)

VI SB ($325)

V2 BB ($200)

6 players limp to hero in cut off.

Hero has Qh Qd

Here bets $27 ($15 Standard raise and $2 for each limper)

V1 Calls

V2 Calls

Pot now $93

Flop Jc Th 5s

V1,V2 check

Hero bets $50

V1 folds

V2 Calls

Pot now $193

Turn is 9d

V2 checks

Hero Bets $50

V2 calls

Post now $293

River is As

V2 goes all in for his remaining stack ($73)

Hero calls


I know I only needed to win 25% of the time to make this a good call (73/293). Based on the way this player has been playing I was almost certain he wasn't bluffing and was way ahead (most likely beating me) but I still called.

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