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Should I fire again on the turn with TP/TK with three spades on the board?

  • chill52 (Cleveland)

This was an interesting hand that gave me pause.

It is Day 2 of a big local tournament. It is a 10 handed table. Not near the money. I am familiar with only one person at the table and he is not in the hand. It is in the middle of a 60 minute level.

Blinds 2500/5000/500 ante

Villain 1 in UTG3 ~200000 (40BB)

Hero MP2 ~220000 (44BB) Ad Kd

Villain 2 Button 250000 (50BB)

Villain1 limps (5000)

Hero raises to 17000

Villain 2 calls

Villain1 calls

Pot ~63500

Flop Ks 8s 7s (Yikes, all spades)

Villain 1 checks

Hero bets 35000

Villain 2 calls

Villain 1 folds


Turn 3c

Hero's action?

WPT says OOP with TPTK to bet again on the turn. But that was a horrible flop. A turn bet of 70000 would put me into the 20s BB.

Was it correct to c-bet the flop? Would you double barrel the turn? Knowing that if called you are probably giving up on the river.
This kind of flop is easy for villain to exploit the WPT guidelines especially when OOP to villain. In retrospect, I wondered if I should have checked the flop and called any bet by villain 2. That kind of has the reverse effect of making me look strong and offering the hope of taking the hand to a controlled showdown. But, it runs the risk of keeping Villain 1 in the hand. I'm, not sure of this line either.

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