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Should I go against my gut and potentially call off with a hand I hate

  • Doornumber7 (Atlanta, GA)

WSOP 1-day tournament and down to 20. I'm BB with 10BB's which is an average stack size.  All fold to the SB (no history) with 11BB's and he raises 3x and I have a problem.  I have a good hand but I despise AJo and want to be the aggressor when I'm that short.  My gut screams fold but my brain is telling me to think about it. I know I will kick myself for quite a while if I proceed with AJo late in a high profile tournament and fail. My head starts to spin because I'm unsure how much fold equity I really have because of the added factors of a pay jump (very little) and the looming final table. Furthermore, I can't come up with a satisfying answer as to why I think he would raise and not shove. What should I do when my head is spinning so much I can't think straight? Have you ever been in a situation like this where you decided to fold because you couldn't think straight? How much fold equity do you think I have and why would he just raise with 11BB's?   Finally, what should I do? Call, shove or fold?

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