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Should I have called here?

  • rab52764 (Cedar Rapids, IA)

I was playing in a $1/$2 cash game last week. I had been at the table for about 2 hours and had approximately $350 in my stack. The player to my immediate right was very active, playing bout 60% of hands (he was at the table when I sat down) and had a standard opening raise of $17. He had already been felted twice, buying back in both times so I knew his opening range was very wide. This particular hand was about two hands after his second time being felted.

I was in the cutoff with AdKd. It folded around to him, and he opened for his usual $17. I raised to $50. Everybody else folded, and he called ($103 in the pot). The flop came QdJh4d. He bet $30. I raised to $90 and he called ($283 in the pot). The turn came 6s and he shoved for his last $95. With the nut flush and broadway draws (12 outs) I called. The river was 2c, and he turned over Jc9s for one pair.

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