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Should I have continuation raised with pocket jacks and a queen on the flop?

  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)

1/2 live game 9 handed. Hero in late position dealt JJ. Four limpers in front, hero raised to $17 and gets one caller in middle position so we are heads up to the flop. Hero and villain each have around $200 behind. Flop is Q72 rainbow. Villain bets into hero for $20.

What is hero's action continuation raise, call, or fold? Is a continuation raise a good strategy in this situation since I only have two outs for a set if I am behind?

As played I called (floated flop) since I had position and really did not think I was behind to a Qx hand or 2 pair. However, the board paired a 7 on the turn, villain checked, I checked instead of betting fearing he had trip sevens since he bet into me on the flop on a dry board. River brought a blank villain bets $25 I called because board only had the Q overcard and pot was $108 so I was getting over 4 to 1 to call. Villain played a junk 7x hand pre flop for $17 and made 777.

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