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Should I have folded a set of Jacks here?

  • chrmar40 (Toronto, Ontario)

Playing 6-max online Zone poker on Bovada with no reads on my opponents. My experience overall is that these games tend to play tighter than regular 6-max games. Effective stacks are 92 BB

Hero is UTG with (Js,Jh) and I raise 3BB

MP calls

BTN calls

SB calls

BB calls

Flop (Jc,Qs,9d)

SB checks

BB - bets 1/2 pot

Hero - re-raises 3x

MP folds

BTN - calls my re-raise

SB folds

BB - shoves All-in

I folded in this case. I thought that if anyone had AA or KK they would have re-raised preflop to thin the field. Ranges to push all in with here - I think would be sets of 9s or Qs and KT (straight) and various 2 pair hands (Q9 being the most likely). The button also called my re-raise so I have to consider him as well. I thought it likely that someone had KT, or QQ. Shoud I ever fold a set here?

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