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Should I have gotten away from bottom Full House in this hand?

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

1-2 cash game. Hero UTG with 225 BB ($450) Villian in the BB with 210($420) BB Sort of loose preflop but reasonably competent post flop

hero with 77 raises to $10 gets called by BB only Flop is AsKh7h

I bet $15 he calls, Pot now $46 after rake. Turn is Kc

I bet $25 he raises to $60. I do not take too much time to range him but I figure the most likely he has KQ, KJ, KT, and called the flop because he was figuring me for a wide range of Continuation bets and was going to fold to a second bullet but now he has trips, I thought that AK, AA, and KK were unlikely because of the smooth calls on both preflop and on the flop, in addition to card removal effects.

Therefore, I raise to $165. He goes All in.

Pot 230 to call 606 to win about 2.5 to 1. need about 40% equity to call.

Questions. Please let me know if my math is correct. What do I range him Now? I am thinking that if he had trip Kings he would have just called the $165 raise. I have to now give slowplaying AA, KK, or AK more wieght. Are hands I beat going to be there often enough to call with stacks this deep?

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