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Should I have played this hand differently?

  • Papabro (Shelton,WA)

Nick, Eric, Chewey, WPT Community,

Young player in the Button position had been at the table for short time (app. 15 min).  He Played a couple hands, nothing to note.  He placed a $10.00 straddle on the button with this hand which he hadn’t done before.  I look down at AQ and raised $30.00, CO called, BTN called.  Everything is self explanatory in the graphic.  I folded because of the board texture.   Villian left the table about 15 min. after playing this hand.  Options 1.) Should I have stacked off against V in this situation ?  2.) Not having a lot of history with this new player at the table should I have gone into a check/call mode and kept my hand concealed?


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