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Should I play AK in BB for 190 BB in $2-5 Game

  • exstoker (Coquitlam, British Columbia)

AH Kc off suit – in BB – Hero just moved up to $2-5 Cash games recently full time

Casino 2-5 game, buy in $200 - $1000 – 10 handed tables

Cutoff, has $900 or 190 BB, Button has $800 or 160 BB, Hero has $1140 or 228 BB


Preflop folded to cutoff and opens for 3 BB –button raises to 7 BB

- Hero in BB has Ah Kc off and 4 bets to 30 BB, I am oop and trying to narrow the field, leaving me 198 BB, and both call.

Pot is $451; ignore the $1, so $450 – 90 BB

Flop Th, 4h, Ac – I have Top pair, Top Kicker, and back door flush draw

I c bet 60 BB into 90BB pot, so pot now $750, or 150 BB I now have 138 bb or $690 left

Cutoff raises to 120 BB. Effective stack if I call will be 30 BB that villian has left

– Button Folds

1. If I call 60 BB reraise, I will have, $390 left or 78 BB villain will have 30 BB for effective stack of $150,

2. if I push him all in it will be only 30 BB + the 60 BB, so 90 BB, effectively.

So I decide to either fold or push all in.

Opponent says what do you have AQ? Is he hoping I have AQ, and hasAK?

I think his preflop range, contains flush draw, did he call with any pair, any AT+- preflop , so either bluff, or has same hand as me, AK, or has me beat.

The more I think about it do I want to call off 90 bb or $450 with one pair and good kicker?

Should I call on turn or push him in?

Should I ever fold here?

I could of just called preflop but, I don’t know what c/o will do to the button’s reraise?

Any analysis is appreciated.

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