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Should I squeeze here?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

10 handed
60 players left out of 90

Hero in BB with 6100

Folds to MP3 who opens to 900 with 9k behind (has been opening frequently in last 40 minutes)
CO calls with 12k behind (has been opening frequently as well in last 40 minutes)
Folds to Hero in BB

Hero has Ac5d

Pot: 700 + 900 + 900 = 2500

This looks close to a great reshove opportunity, except there are two players and one has opened from HJ

Although both players have opened frequently, they have shown somewhat wide, but not completely wide hands so far. Each has shown down twice, with broadways, and smaller aces and pocket pairs.

Levels are 20 minutes, and we are about 7 minutes away from 200/400/50...

I debate but choose to fold...what would you do?

And what is your thought process around reshoving related to this situation?


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