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Should I take this check calling line with trips heads up in position?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)


Hero in MP3 with 100bb

Villain in SB with 130bb

Folds to hero

Hero opens to 4bb with KsQd

Folds to SB who calls

BB folds

Pot: 9bb



SB bets 5.5bb


Board is fairly dry so I call behind with trips. Even if SB is on a flush draw I will have full house outs on river

And I am in position. OOP I would lead

Is this correct?

Hero calls

Pot: 20bb



SB bets 12bb

Hero calls

I continue my line and check/call turn as flush draw is there but I want to pot control and keep SB range wide

Pot: 44bb



SB bets 32bb


Based on my line I will check/call river as well.

Raising will only get called by hands that beat hero but trips is too strong for me to fold on river.

Your thoughts?

After running some hand equities it looks like I should have raised the flop or possibly folded the river bet after adopting this betting line.

However against a LAG who has wide flop / turn betting lines this check call line would work well...based on equity calcs.

In retrospect I should only adopt this line against villains who are oop and are spewy and or it relies on my to fold the turn made flush or fold to the river bet UNLESS villain is bluffy.

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