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Should you use shoving shortcut when pot is 50% or more of effective stack?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Should I use shoving shortcut when BB has a massive chip stack and fold equity could be lower?

General rule is to shove from SB with ATC when folds to you in SB and pot is 15% or greater of effective stack

8 handed

Hero in SB with 28k

BB with 180k


80 players left

Bubble just ended

Folds to hero who has 2d3d

Pot: 16100

Pot is over 50% of effective

Fold or shove?

Risk reward excellent but fold equity low or non existent

What would you shove here with?

Part 2:

In retrospect, if I felt that BB was going to call with almost ATC,
my SB shoving range should be:


which is just under 50% of hands...

this assumes BB would call any shove with all but bottom 25% of hands

which is a fairly wide BB calling range

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