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Some thoughts on the preflop flat vs 3bet vs fold

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

I think this is a straightforward stack off post flop, but the question is preflop.

LearnWPT standard would be 3bet or fold here as the first caller, but other poker strategies have this as a +eV call from the CO at this effective stack.

I consider 3betting or calling, but think this would only be a fold against active blinds...and there could be a case fro 4bet re-squeezing if an active players squeezes after Hero flats here (with QTs). That's another discussion.

Two questions:

1) What are the criteria for 3betting, flatting, and folding...and the associated ranges in this spot, at this effective stack? I look at RFI of MP1, 3bet% of players behind, MP1's fold to 3bet %, and stack sizes of players left to act.

2) Once the SB does 3bet, I think its a call at this sizing, with the MP1 calling. Your thoughts? Would I call if MP1 folded and I was getting worse odds, but heads up IP? Against this sizing I think its close, but I think its a call against a tight recreational player because they are likely to pay off if I hit 2pr+.



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