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Top 2 pair and flush draw

  • AzUther (San Diego)

I play a few times a week at a local pub league. Free to play with a side bet, so most of the play is a little more on the loose side. Tables are 8 handed, with 20k chips (100 BB) to start, no rebuys.

Pre-flop - Hero in BB with Ks8s and 24400 stacked, blind is 800. 4 players limp, so I call to play as a spec hand, expecting to just fold when I don't hit the flop. 4k in pot.

Flop - Kc7sTs - Top pair w/2nd nut flush draw. SB checks, I bet 2k and get 2 callers MP and CO. I have the MP covered by about 1.5k. CO has about 1.5x-1.75x my stack. 9k in the pot.

Turn - Th. Top 2 pair w/2nd nut flush. I bet 5k. MP raises all in. I flubbed and indicated I was all in, skipping the CO who then hems and haws a bit, then shoves her stack. I have the option now to shove or fold since she changed the action.

MP tends to be a loose player, being more aggressive when he has any A or K, while CO is a bit tighter, but also plays most A or K. Either might also play any suited connector in the same way from these positions.

With top 2 + flush draw, I have 4 outs to the boat and 9 outs to the flush, and could currently have the best hand if they are playing hands like AK, AQ, AJ, KQ, KJ, with only the suited A combos beating my flush if it hits, and any Tx, 77, or the lone KK beating me if I don't hit. Other hands like QJs and 89s I could see them having.

Should I call all in or fold? Other than indicating too early that I was going to call the all in raise, did I make any mistakes?

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