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Top pair with flush draw vs a raise on flop. How could I play this better?

  • DoctorJ18 (Chesterfield)

I played a hand tonight and wanted to get some feedback from you. I have included a link for a video representation of the hand. Playing 0.5/1 cash game online. 6 handed game. Hero was on button. Dealt A3 clubs. UTG limps in and it folds to hero. Hero raised to 3. SB and BB call. UTG folds. Flop comes AhJc5c. Checks around to hero and hero c-bet for $6 into $10 pot. SB folds. BB raises to $20. Do you call, raise, or fold? My stack was $99 and BB was $152 after betting. I kept thinking I was facing a set. I would put BB hand range on 10s or better or A with better kicker. But would he have just called preflop with that? BB did seem to slow play big hands but I had only played for an hour. I ended up folding. Wanted to get your opinion on best way to play this hand. Thanks.


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