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Tournament ending hand

  • Knuracr (Iowa City)

I played in my first tournament since joining LearnWPT. About 100 entries. The first hour and a half I was card dead but won a couple pots with bluffs as I read the table weak and my tight image. The hand that ended my day has me curious how I played it. The blinds were at 200/400 with 25 ante. I was sitting with about 27 big blinds and was dealt QQ in the cutoff position. Five callers to me and I raised to 1000. Everyone folded except one player. The flop came 8, 6, 2 rainbow and my opponent checked. I raised to 2000 and he went over the top to put me all in. I called. He turned over 8, 6 off suit giving him 2 pair. I got no help on the turn or river and my day was done. I am curious on comments as to how this was played.

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