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Tournament question

  • Zippy (Illinois)

 I recently played in An odd tournament. $2500 in chips and the blinds doubled every 15 minutes. So, at the end everyone was basically a short stack. I made it into the money and I had approximately  eight big blinds. Two other players had about the same stack size as mine, two players were shorter With about 3 to 4 big blinds and one player had about 15 big blinds..  The blinds were 800/1600 and I was in the small blind. I was dealt queen 7 of clubs. The dealer who was the one with 15 big blinds calls the big blind.  The big blind was weak and I was able to push him around with aggression quite frequently so, I pushed all in.  The big blind folded and the dealer called .   Also to note the dealer was a player who had a very wide and range and was known to play many different types of hands. The dealer turned over king jack off suit and I lost. My question is knowing that I was in the small blind and there were two shorter stacks than me, should I have folded my hand  and waited for a better opportunity? And, waited for those two shorter stacks to go out before me. Thanks

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